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I’ll be taking a hiatus from the newest pages of OilCan Drive’s Track Three for the next few weeks as I tackle this year’s 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge this upcoming Saturday. Last year I went to my local comic book shop and created my first ever 24 Hour Comic and I’m looking forward to challenging myself again this year. This week I’ll be working on a cover for the comic shop’s anthology collection of all the comics being created. It might be hard to see but the piece, right now, is all in non-repo blue pencil which makes getting a good photo of it a little tough. I’ll definitely show off the progress of it next time.

And, if you’d like to follow the status of the 24 Hour Comic make sure you check out my blog. You can get there by hitting the button up top. I’ve been trying to write more regularly and you know I’ll be talking more about this weekends event a lot more leading up to it, during it, and after it drives me crazy. So, follow along. It should be fun!

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