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The OilCan Drive Band

Ryan Burke

Ryan Burke is the lead singer, songwriter, and plays guitar in the band OilCan Drive.

Ryan is a former All-East hockey player and had designs on entering the sport on the national professional level when a slight altercation between him and his coach got him bounced out of the league. Without gainful employment, Ryan was subject to the Environmental Military Forces Zone Draft, stating anyone between the ages of 18 and 32 without employment was subject to military enlistment. Always one to have a healthy disregard for any type of authority, Ryan missed his enrollment date after a heavy night of drinking and a tracking warrant for him was issued. During a routine scan at a road side check point Ryan was found AWOL and taken immediately into military custody and transferred to the Zone Base Camp Pennington for immediate discipline and training. Being the son of military hero Captain Raymond Burke, the camp’s commander, General Randall Baylor, expected Ryan to be someone with great military potential. To say he was hugely disappointed was an understatement. During what reports call “a kidnapping of key personnel and destruction of military property” Ryan escaped from the facility and beyond the Wall into the Inner Zone. What happened after is not on record but reports indicate that, soon after, Ryan was seen fronting a rock and roll band and making his way from outpost town to outpost town. As of this report, he is still at large and there is a reward for his capture.

Ryan is brash, head strong, and usually the first one that will get the band as a whole into trouble. But, they keep him around. He seems to write a good song. But, as Nicole is often heard to say, “Ryan, one of these days you’ll be the death of this band.”

Ryan plays a customized single humbucker Fender Stratocaster through a Hiwatt Amplifier. He uses Dean Markley strings and Tortex Picks. The orange ones. And he curves them. Kind of like a hockey stick’s blade. He’s weird that way.

Vincent Spicer

Vincent Spicer is the lead guitarist and occasionally lends background vocals to the band OilCan Drive.

Vincent is a former EMF (Environmental Military Forces) infantry soldier and first sergeant. He was originally assigned to the 52nd Long-Range Recon Division or, as the brass liked to call it, the “Lyncher Hunters.” It was while with this unit that Vincent suffered major injuries during the Battle of Apache Junction. After major reconstruction and rehabilitation Vincent was stationed in a rear position as a service guard at the military penal camp at Camp Pennington. It was here that he became entangled in the events that led to Ryan Burke escaping with a high level hostage into the Outer Zone. With first hand knowledge of that part of the Zone, Vincent was sent to hunt down Burke and return with the hostage unharmed. It was shortly after this that the military lost all contact with the former sergeant. He is now considered AWOL and wanted for questioning in the aiding and abetting of wanted persons. How he came to join Ryan Burke and the band OilCan Drive is unknown.

Stern, by the book, and straight laced, Vincent is the guy that will get the band out of any trouble Ryan can get them in. Quiet and haunted by his past, most take his quiet demeanor as an air of superiority. As Ryan once quipped from stage, “I thought I busted out of that penal camp to get away from guys like this.”

Vincent plays a Gibson ES-333 through a Mesa-Boogie Mark II Amplifier. He also uses the 60mm orange Tortex picks. And he’s not too happy with the way Ryan curves them.

Nicole Baylor

Nicole Baylor plays drums and sings background vocals for the band OilCan Drive.

Nicole Baylor is the only daughter of EMF three star General Randolph Baylor. Raising her alone, General Baylor did his best to give everything he could to his young daughter, but a life of constant moving from station to station didn’t give her the kind of stability she desperately needed. Getting in trouble early and often, Nicole was sometimes more of a handful than even her father, the General, could manage. So, when his daughter found a love of music that seemed to bring her some kind of calm (or at least kept her in one room for a full night) the General was relieved. Even if he couldn’t understand how one girl alone in her bedroom could make so much racket with a drum set and bass guitar.

It was while General Baylor was stationed and in command at Camp Pennington that, for him, the unthinkable happened. During a routine meet and greet with an incoming prisoner, Nicole was taken hostage and used as a bargaining chip for the prisoner to escape the facility and flee beyond the wall and into the Outer Zone. Steps were taken to recover Nicole but, as of this writing, no attempts have been successful and her current whereabouts are unknown.

But, there is a rumor, loose talk really, of a girl sitting behind the drums of a band that has been playing up and down the outpost town circuit. And, while no one will say it in front of General Baylor, it is taken as fact that his daughter, Nicole Baylor, has joined her captors in the outlaw band OilCan Drive.

Nicole is the heart and soul of OilCan Drive. She is the fulcrum that keeps all the boys together and keeps them from killing each other. And, while the band consists of former hockey scrappers, soldiers, and an honest-to-God War Ape, Nicole is, by far, the toughest member. As Vincent once quipped, “I’m not going to arm wrestle her…YOU arm wrestle her!”

Nicole plays a four piece Venice drum kit from Orange County Drums. It consists of a 9×12 rack tom, a 14×16 floor tom, a 20×22 bass drum, and a 6×14 snare drum. Her Zildjian cymbals include a 14″ Mastersound Hi-Hat, an 18″ Projection Crash, a 20″ K Crash Ride, and a 21″ Sweet Ride. She plays with Zildjian TB artist series drumsticks. She’s glad Ryan can’t bend those the way he bends his picks.


Henry, or Hank to his friends, plays bass guitar for the rock band, OilCan Drive. And, if you listen closely, he’ll even add in a grunt or growl when he feels a song would benefit from it.

During the six year long Zone Wars the EMF military was looking for alternate means to battle the rebel upstarts in the outer areas of the Wastelands. One of the most successful experiments was the use of the War Apes. Grown in labs and trained for war, the War Ape units caused havoc and mayhem towards any enemy they faced. While the War Apes program was discontinued and all subjects destroyed as part of the treaty that ended the war, it is likely that Henry is from one of the last batch of War Apes. It is unclear how he might have escaped.
What’s even more unclear is how he learned to play bass guitar and joined the band OilCan Drive. But, no matter how it happened, believe the hype. Henry is the best playing ape you’ve ever seen. Of course, he’s probably the only bass playing ape you’ve ever seen.

While one might think Henry is the muscle of the band he’s, in fact, a sweet heart and has been known to jump at his own shadow. As Nicole once said, “it’s not really how big Henry is, it’s how fast he can run away while carrying the three of us.” But, when his friends’ backs are to the wall, there is none more tough, or loyal, than Henry.

Henry plays a modified Fender 51 Precision Bass equipped with Custom Shop ’59 Precision Bass pickups and Badass Bass II bridge. He plays through an Ampeg SVT-450H head with a 4×10 bass cabinet. He plays mostly with his fingers but occasionally uses a pick. And, if Ryan bends Henry’s picks, Henry bends Ryan. It’s as simple as that.

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